Simple Svelte: A frontend book from a backend developer


Have you ever...

  • Create a Single Page Application from scratch?

    • Svelte is simple to get start.

  • Migrate a legacy web application?

    • Svelte is simple to integrate.

  • As a backend developer who wants to try frontend nowadays?

    • Svelte is simpler to play with than React/Vue.

Want to know why svelte is so simple?

Grab 'Simple Svelte'( Right Now!

A book about svelte but more than svelte, more than frontend, even more than technology.

A FREE trial edition can be found at: <>

Simple Svelte is a book for popular javascript SPA web framework: svelte, it will offer you a different perspective for svelte by introducing how to use it to build something simple and comprehensive.

An outline of its content:

Who is this for?

  • frontend developers who would like to get to know svelte quickly;

  • backend developers who would like to be full-stack;

  • anyone who is interested in svelte and frontend development;

I want this!
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